Hello, and welcome to Ology Brewing Company's Blog. Stay in the know and learn about our vision for creating craft beer in the Tallahassee, FL area. We have had a lease on our space in Midtown for just over a year now. We were under the impression that licensing (both Federal and State) was going to be our limiting step on opening up... We were wrong. Permitting was. We learned a lot through this process and will approach the process differently in future expansions; but I am proud, excited, and relieved to say we got approval. 

As I write this, construction has already begun, but being our first blog post I wanted to bring you up to speed. We needed to:

·        Upgrade and replace the electrical for the building

·        Ventilate the space for our Hot Liquor Tun and Brew Kettle burners

·        Vent steam through the roof

·        Add a hot water heater and filtration system

·        Plumb drainage for the brew area

·        Add a trench drain to the brew area

·        Bring water and gas back to the brew area

·        Add a bathroom

·        Build out cold room

·        Mount glycol chiller on the roof

·        Build, plumb, and add electricity to the bar

·        Build tables

·        Build various walls for permitting

·        Plus, lots of other projects...

Plumbing initial inspection has passed, so this week we can fill in all the holes that have created logistical nightmares for us and the other contractors! Electrical continues to get replaced. Ventilation holes will get cut through the roof as well this week! We are moving and eagerly await our first brew in the brewhouse! We will keep you updated as progress happens. Also, soonish, we will be posting information on soft openings and opportunities to try Ology Brews!