Sprinkle Factor

Tart, Milkshake NEIPA… We are not the first, but in Tallahassee I believe we get to introduce this fun(fetti) style. First, what the hop is this style? Milkshake IPAs are IPAs with lactose sugar added. Clean brewer’s yeast eat sugars and produce ethanol and carbon dioxide (alcohol and carbonation). Like some humans, in general yeast can’t process lactose. So it gets ignored and stays in solution. This increases the body/smoothness (density) of the beer and leaves a residual sweetness. We married our interpretation of a NEIPA with the smoothness of lactose. In general, I don’t like this style of beer. Its too sweet of an IPA for me. So… we took a note from the excellent brewers up at Hudson Valley and lightly kettle-soured the beer. The light acidity helps balance out that sweetness I typically don’t appreciate from the Milkshake style, it also adds an acidic “juiciness” that further deepens the flavor profile of the beer. Bitterness and acidity don’t plate very well in beer; so true to the NEIPA style, we kept the bitterness very low. With a generous dry-hopping of Azacca hops – this beer smells of tropical fruit juice. The palate starts off with acidity that transitions to a papaya, mango, lemony, citrusy, tropical fruit juiciness experience. Low bitterness, but all the hop fun. Smooth body and sweetness without getting flabby. Enjoy!