BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Ology’s Phase 2 is Now Commencing…

You might have noticed at Ology that we like to do things differently. And in 2018 we’ll continue that trend by officially launching the Ology Sour Program. No, it’s not a side project or one-off beer release, rather this will be a core focus to bring mixed culture, barrel-aged American sours to Tallahassee, and put the city at the forefront of the country’s sour beer movement.

Our team has always loved sours of all types (mixed culture, spontaneous, kettle, etc.). The love for sour runs deep – deep enough for us to travel across the U.S. and Europe to seek out some of the most popular. This announcement is the culmination of a lot of hard work to reach a dream we’ve had from the beginning. Throughout 2018 you’ll notice more and more barrels and fresh fruit in the taproom along with continued growth announcements.

We will kick-off the program on January 6th with the first bottle release in a series of sours we call Dynamic Fermentum. These barrel-aged American sours are more complex than traditional “clean beer,” and requires the biological expertise to coax yeast, Brett, etc. to ferment and create the perfect fruity and sour experience. These flavors are more reminiscent of the complexity and high quality of a fine wine.

Batch 1 of Dynamic Fermentum underwent mixed culture fermentation in a red wine barrel with 80lbs of peaches and apricots that allowed the cultures to ferment out the new sugars from the fruit. After a couple more months of these flavors blending, we emptied the barrel and bottle conditioned the beer. Batch 1 is rich with aromas of juicy peaches and apricots and has a predominant sourness and slight Brett funk that compliments the strong fruit flavors. Batch 1 has already received national notice in acclaimed Paste Magazine as one of the top 10 beers from the 2017 Florida Tap Invitational.

Join us January 6th to get a bottle of Batch 1 of Dynamic Fermentum and join the sour movement! Check out our Facebook event for more details.

And PS: Wait until you see Phase 3…