About Ology

We are a microbrewery in Tallahassee, Florida producing some of the newest and most exciting beer styles with a strong focus on quality. Equipped with 7bbl+5bbl direct fire brewhouses and 150bbls of fermentation capacity, we brew a lot of clean beer and also have a dedicated space with 60+ wine barrels for aging wild and sour beers. Beer Advocate named us as one of the 50 Best New Breweries in 2018, and at 2019 Hunahpu's Day we won Best Overall Brewery with 2nd Best Beer at the festival.

Our CEO is a head-brewer/owner, and is surrounded by a team of other partners who care about beer and employees first. We aim to stay on the progressive edge of craft beer and other craft goods as Ology continues to grow.

Job Description

The Assistant Brewer will need to work safely alongside the production team, be detail-oriented, motivated, and a critical thinker. The right candidate will be willing and able to learn best practices for brewing and cellaring, possess a positive attitude, an ability to adapt and thrive in a fast-paced and changing environment.



*Brew day preparation, including malt, hop, and hot liquor preparation

*Pitching yeast and fermentor additions (hops, fruit, etc)

*Calculations and data logging during brew day and fermentation

*Keg cleaning and packaging

*Tank transfers and cleaning

*Regular brew space cleaning

*Competent and safe use of caustic chemicals

*Managing brew space during shift

*Supporting other brew staff

*Brew schedule planning


*Actively giving feedback to refine and develop SOPs

*Brite tank carbonation and CO2 management

*Yeast management - harvesting and counting


The Assistant Brewer must be able to meet the physical demands of the position including being on your feet and moving for 8+ hour shifts, be able to crouch, bend, and reach repeatedly throughout shift, work in warm, cool, and damp environments, and be able to lift 55+ lbs.

Previous experience in a commercial brewing facility is required.


Compensation for the Assistant Brewer position will be commensurate with experience.

To Apply for this Position

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