Ology is expanding!

If you haven’t noticed when you’ve walked into Ology, we’ve done A LOT with a little. We started out with 2100sqft as our tasting room, production room, and storage space. As our barrel-aged mixed culture program came online, we got about 1400sqft and now have it filled with 70+ oak barrels. January we started sending out our beloved beer into North Florida and Georgia. This forced us to test our ability to brew even more beer within our four (eight) walls. As of today, beer drinkers can find our beer in 5 states, yes, FIVE STATES across the US. Beer has been moving quickly and we’ve had a great response from both consumers and distributors moving Ology beer. We try our darndest to not be brewing while customers are in the taproom. We don’t want to disturb you while enjoying our beer and conversation with our awesome bartenders. BUT, this is getting harder and harder as we send out more product.

So… enter phase III of Ology. Our 6th Ave location will still be the heart and soul of Ology. We will still produce beer here and it will be our interface with you as our taproom. But, we need space we can brew throughout the week during hours our taproom is open. So, let me introduce you to our new location! As we continue to build out, more information and pictures will be coming. We can’t wait to be able to produce more Ology beer!