Lenticular Haze

We are releasing our new Hazy (New England) IPA. What initially drew us into craft beer and continues to make us pursue the craft - is the continual growth and changing that goes on in the industry. Why is it fun (educational) to visit new breweries or participate in beer tourism? Because, everyone has their own take on a certain style or someone is trying something new. When New England IPAs first game out, they were marginally hazy and very soft on the hop bitterness. Over time and different breweries brewing the style, some have experimented with adding more and more hops - to the point now where the volume of beer yielded is significantly impacted due to hops absorbing beer. Lenticular Haze is our first foray into a massively hopped beer. About 2-3 times the amount of our other IPAs. Balanced, no. Bitter, not really. Hoppy, absurdly so. Tasty…Yes. Sensory Overload is our first love, and still is our go-to IPA; but change, evolution of styles, and the fun of experimentation drove us to design more hazy options on top of Sensory.

Atacama & Susy’s Cherry Pie

Beer is obviously our focus,and has our heart. But, beer does get a little jealous of the smile on our faces as we enjoy good mead. Garagiste is that and more. Since opening, the past year and a half we have consumed inordinate amounts of their product. From dry tupelo honey mead to barrel-aged peanut butter jelly meads; Garagiste makes incredibly flavorful, and thick concoctions. We have been continuously impressed with the ease that a 14% honey wine goes down. We have received two kegs this morning of Chad’s melomels (mead with fruit). Atacama is probably Nick’s favorite mead. Ever. Tons of tart black currants, full of tannins and deep berry flavor matches perfectly with the decadent, thick honey wine. Then this product is aged on French Oak. Amazing. Susy’s Cherry Pie is a cherry mead that is slightly less thick, but just as flavor forward. Rich cherry and a magnificent mouthfeel, it is a must try. Tallahassee hasn’t had kegs of Garagiste before and we believe they are innovating the whole mead scene. These kegs are rare and not cheap for us to buy, but we are extremely happy to have them pouring out of our taps.