We are releasing a new beer Labor Day weekend - Heliocentric Distortion.

This is the juiciest and most tropical IPA we've ever brewed. We gave it the most poundage of hops per barrel (the 31 gallon measurement used by breweries) of anything we've created, and we waited to make this beer until we got our hands on the superstar of the hop world - Nelson Sauvin. 

Mango. Tangerine. Pineapple. Passionfruit. Banana? Those are just a few things we taste in the voluptuously juicy "Helio". And that's just the hops showing off - no fruit whatsoever! If you've had a lot of double IPAs, you've probably tasted a lot of malty, sweet, heavy, and cloyingly resinous flavors... we tried to avoid with this beer.

Nelson is, rightfully, very popular and hard to get a hold of - sometimes it's purely unobtainable. You can buy most hops directly from hop farms or hop distributors, but the more popular/rarer ones have to be purchased on the secondary market from another brewery. 

We chose Nelson for Helio because we knew we were going to hop this brew heavily to balance out the weight of the beer (it's a little beefier than it's younger brother, Sensory Overload). This allows for us to really get a great sense of what Nelson adds to a beer - a huge bouquet of tropical fruit and wine-like aromas. 

Outside of the hops, Nick wanted to make an IPA with as much mouthfeel as possible - silky-smooth, and a juicy experience without the heavy malt or sweet you might expect from an 8.0% beer. Heliocentric Distortion gets tapped at Ology Thursday (8/30) afternoon - come experience this incredible beer!