GABF. The premier beer festival in the world. It combines one of the largest beer festivals in the world with hosting many of the best breweries in the world for a week in Denver, CO. Expecting over 60,000 attendees and over 800 breweries – not to mention the hordes of people that don’t have tickets and breweries that don’t go, but still celebrate this beer focused week in Denver. Ology is going, and it is going to be a blast!

We will write about our experience after we get back from Denver. Right now, we wanted to highlight what beers we have going on tap at Ology. We are tapping two specialty beers so that our Tallahassee community can raise a glass in celebration with us as we attend the festival. Those two beers are our Double Passion Fruit Gose and our French Oak Barrel-Aged American Sour Ale.

Double Passion Fruit Gose. The name gives away what this beer is, but lets break it down. Double passion fruit. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, Nick loves passion fruit. The tropical aromas and nice acidic bite blends perfectly with tart beer – whether it is in kettle sour or mixed culture beers. The salt is present, but not overly saline. Pink Himalayan was the salt of choice again, just like in the Raspberry Gose, but ever so slightly dialed down. The intention of this beer was to be very strongly passion-fruit-y. Instead of the sweetness you get from Juice Lab, this beer has fermented out most of the sugars from the fruit leaving you with a very fruity, but very chuggable finished product. With it tasting like a ripe, tropical juice blend and the abv finishing out to 6.5%... this might be the update mimosas needed.

We are passionate about our Barrel-Aged Sour Ale program. Mixed cultures creating funk and acidity that get rounded out by the oak of barrel-aging makes a beautiful product. We taste through barrels often to figure out which fruit goes into which barrel. We found two barrels in particular that really stood out. One was French oak and one American oak. We will be tapping both eventually, but this weekend we wanted to display the French Oak. French is a tighter grained oak. Usually it displays a softer textured flavor, subtle spice and vanillas. The base beer itself is our Golden Sour base that we use for Dynamic Fermentum. Without fruit, this beer lets the barrel really stand out. Nice acidity and light funk marries the tannins from the wood to make a really gorgeous product we are proud of.

Stop in starting Thursday to try the fun new beers. Also, follow us on our social media accounts this weekend as we explore Denver and take part in this incredible festival.