We just completed our 6th weekend of opening our doors. We are so thankful for the response that Tallahassee has given us! From imbibing in our brews to working with us as we learn how to better manage our taproom, everyone has been great. 

We have already brewed our 4th batch of Sensory Overload - two batches disappeared in 4 weekends! We want to continue to have this beer on tap even when we have a crowler machine (fundraising campaign goal is almost complete!) and we want to be able to brew more different beers as well, so we have ordered a 15Bbl fermenter. This will double our total fermenting capacity, open up another tank for filling out the tap wall even more, and eventually start allowing us to be open more. As we learn more and more about brewing on our system and how to plan what batches to brew, we are also attempting to get more efficient. We have a keg washer coming in next week to help us with this and ensure we are serving a product out of freshly cleaned and sani'd kegs.

Proof's Florida Tap Invitational (9/30) are both coming upon us quickly. We would love to see you out there supporting us. The Florida Tap Invitational is an incredible event put together by our friends at Proof. They have previously held four of these and each year gets better and better. They put in the time to invite the best breweries in FL, ask and encourage these breweries to bring something special (not just core beers) by paying for the beer and lodging, and make sure patrons are taken care of during the event. This will be our first year attending on the other side of the table!

Again, we are appreciative of your response to the beer and space we have created. We look forward to continue providing high quality beer and service through our growth as a company. See you this weekend!